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New Year New Website?

As we have just entered another new year (2018 already – where did the last year go?), many of us will be looking to see if we can make improvements to our websites.  We already know that more and more people are using the web to source shopping items, products and information.  It makes total sense that we would want to have the most up to date website possible too.

It is a great time of year to get a new site – many web developers will be busy working on new websites and finding the coolest and most trendy thing to have on sites.  It is worth calling into a couple of local web designers to see if they have anything new to offer you.

Choosing Images for Your Website

Images play a key role in the look of your website.  From adding extra interest to the site, to showing people more clearly what your site is all about, images make it easy for readers to understand the purpose of your site.

There are lots of ways to get images for your site.  Firstly you could spend a little money and have some professional photos taken for your site.  This is useful when you have products or items to show off, as you can display them nicely.  Another way to get images is to use royalty free stock images (available from different websites).

Writing for your website

Websites are different from other places where you need to write.  It is important that people can easily understand what you are saying.  Writing in long, over complicated sentences is not a good idea on websites, as they are much harder to read that paper based writing.

Set your text out in easy to view paragraphs with minimal fuss – try to keep the font size reasonable and use bold headings to break up your writing into manageable chunks.  Readers online will appreciate the text being split into different groups or catagories, allowing them to see what is being said much more clearly.

Unsure About What You Want From Your Business Website?

Getting a new website built can be a stressful task, as it is the primary way many of your customers will find your business and plan to work with you; it needs to function well, look great and stand out from a sea of other websites!

Don’t worry too much if you aren’t 100% sure what you want, or even need from your website.  Getting a reputable and effective web design agency on board will help you to cut your stress and develop a great website.  Many agencies employ designers with years, if not decades of experience, so they will certainly have an idea of how to progress with your site!

The most helpful thing you can provide is a clear picture of who your audience is – from current customers and business deals, let your designer know all about what you currently provide and who to – this will help them to design a site which is fully functional and attractive to your audience.

Bring in the New Year for Your Business

A new year is a great way to have a ‘fresh start’ on your web design and online marketing campaigns!

We recommend doing a quick audit of the services you are using, and have a good look through your social media profiles to make sure you are using these to their maximum!

Why not start the year by posting more varied content across your website?  A blog is a great way to engage customers and allows new visitors to get a view at your business in order to increase their curiosity.  In order to generate sales, you can always add a few internal links to relevant products or services which you can talk about in the blog.

Social media is an avenue to really push this new year, as more and more people are using these networks to investigate businesses and local companies.

Finding the best ways to get your posts noticed

If you are in charge of a business social media profile, you’ll need to ensure you are posting the right amount and variety of different types of posts to make your customers and followers feel like they can connect to you.

Social media enables businesses to connect with millions of potential customers in a short time, simply by posting fun and engaging posts to their networks.  A big mistake some businesses make is focussing too much on sales and selling tactics, rather than engaging followers and building up their curiosity in the brand.  One way to build more engagement is to post questions, polls, competitions and fun pictures or videos which show the brand off from a number of angles, rather than simply through sales.

Why a Good Website is Important to Business

When people are searching online for goods and services, they want to find good, clear information which is set out in the best way possible.  It needs to be easy to read, with clear descriptions and good images to help them choose.

If you have a good website, it is easier for people to find your products, and it is more likely that you’ll have the right sort of descriptions and images which will please your visitors.

Web design companies are experts in getting the balance right between text, pictures and call to actions as well as good contact forms which will help you to convert visitors into buyers.

It is vital to make sure your website is always up to date with the right information, as if it is not, it’s harder for people to find you and your products.

Getting your website mobile optimised

It is important in this day and age to ensure your website is compatible with all forms of mobile device and tablet.  The reason behind this is that more people today are browsing the web on their mobiles and tablets devices than ever before.

If your website is not optimised for mobile, it could be slow to load.  Slow websites are a major gripe for mobile users, with many users quitting if the site takes longer than 3 seconds to load.  Mobile optimisation allows your site to load faster and could secure you more visitors.

Websites which are mobile optimised are often laid out more effectively on mobile devices.  Those which are not tend to try to display the desktop layout on a smaller screen, which can mean text is too small and contact forms are impossible to fill in.

By optimising your site for mobile, you are allowing more people to view the site effectively and they’ll be able to click on buttons and contact you more easily.

Businesses Without Websites Are Being Left Behind These Days

There are so many ways to get your company or service marketed these days – what you need is to tap into the most reliable ways to beat the competition online.

The idea of running a company or a service without a website is unheard of these days.  Online presence is critical and marketing on the web is also must. Here are a few ways to beat the competition for online marketing. Consider these services and you may have a chance at beating the competition. You can use the search engine services with trends for the development of a better marketing strategy.

The video websites such as Youtube or Dailymotion can be used to market effectively. Not only this, but your videos can be posted on the social media profiles with all the choices out there now.    Contact a professional web designer to really appreciate how essential this medium is – let  your e-world really take off.


How To Make Your Web Marketing Operation More Effective

Web Marketing / Online – Advertising your products in a digital way.  Through Internet we have made our lives much easier and better! How about the times when we have to march from pillar to post to advertise the products that we intend to launch? Finding the right platform is so tough if you want to foster your business towards the better avenues. That is why the novel way to popularize your products through web marketing came into existence. The way to get ahead of your competitor is only through this amazing mode. In an easy manner you can make your products reach greater number of people and establish yourself as a brand.

Internet marketing – The other name of web marketing, internet marketing takes cue from the e-mail services to deliver the right information about your product to the people through images and texts. This makes the advertisement better in term so of reach and being a fool proof method, you cannot but appreciate it.